Current Series

The Harvest

This four-part series focuses on the harvest God wants for your life.

The 23rd Psalm

In this series, Pastor Robby unpacks the spiritual lessons found in Psalm 23.  

Week One | "My Shepherd" Psalm 23:1

Week Two | "My Peace" Psalm 23:2

Week Three | "My Health" Psalm 23:3A

Week Four | "My Righteousness" Psalm 23:3B

Week Five | "My Companion" Psalm 23:4

Week Six | "My Provision" Psalm 23:5

Week Seven | "My Victory" Psalm 23:6


Grace Relations

In this series, Pastor Robby addresses some of the toughest issues we face today that impact our relationships and how are we to respond biblically.  What should we do when it comes to relationships?